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04 July 2010 @ 01:19 am
♥` .Shining Bloodlust; {2/?}  
-- { Prologue . (Drabble #10) }
-- { Chapter 1 . }

A/N: Dedicated to everyone who loves a little sexy vampire in Minho and Harry Potter / Twilight x SHINee .
I know I update just nice , but this won't last , perhaps . I'll be more busier in the next weeks .
Shit, I keep typing best as Beast . So much for fandom .
 EXPECTO HINTED!ONKEY ! (Patronum much?)
My MBLAQ bias, THUNDER would appear as Severus ! :)
Character Summary:
Taemin - Young vampire .
Minho - Matured vampire; Taemin's lover
Jonghyun - Adventurous teen
Key - Mother-like friend of Jonghyun's
Onew - A respectable figure or Hogwarts, the school of magic.

He discarded the dead corpse of the large gray wolf after draining every single drop of blood in the beast.
The wolf stank of decay and mushrooms, but Minho was too thirsty to notice the smell.
He felt his fangs retreat back into his gum with satisfaction, he felt the normal teeth that stretched out into the place of the fangs.
Wiping away the remaining red liquid which hung on to the corner of his perfect lips, the dark red irises which thirsted for the substance that ran in every living being turned back into the normal chocolate he had.
His long nails shrank; and they no longer threaten the preys.
He brushed the furs from the wolf and the dust that clung on his long champagne colored coat; and looked up at the full moon.
It was time; he thought. He had been away from Taemin for too long; and his lover was spoilt; he wouldn't get food by himself.
His mind only consisting of thoughts about his partner, he smiled and literally flew home through the thick forests at the speed of light.

He found himself stuck in that corner with the other boy, with the dark red eyes and gleaming teeth;
hell, were they even teeth, he thought.
"Why are you here?" The boy whispered, his eyes blinking with curiosity and a fragment of need.
"I.. I heard this mansion is haunted.. I.. uh.. wanted to test the rumor." Jonghyun stuttered, still trying to sound like he's brave.
The younger one smirked. He licked his fangs in need, without a word, he sank his long, sharp teeth into Jonghyun's slender neck.
Jonghyun's eyes shut in pain,as he was trying to figure out what this person was doing to him.

Dang, this one tastes good.
Being a vampire; he couldn't starve; but he couldn't kill the innocent too.
He knew the toxic venom would spread fast; for a normal human, up to 3 days and he would die, writhing because of the sharp stabs of pain caused by the reactions of a vampire's venom and human's blood.
He was hungry. Thirsty. Needy. And this one tasted delicious.
Taemin backed away; he couldn't ask for more. His lover would be back soon, anyway.
His prey looked at him, eyes burning with curiosity, hostility and hatred.
"Are you a vampire?" His prey asked.
Taemin took his time examining his prey; he was short, shorter than Taemin himself, he had large black eyes, a sharp nose, defined jawline and beautiful lips.
And he chuckled. "Yes, so what if I am?"
His prey gasped in shock. Grasping his neck in unbelievable notice, he gabbled on; "You mean you are a vampire and you just bit me?!"
Taemin felt the sensation. His vampire features sank back, deep in his body and his human body was out on surface again.
"Yes. It was your fault you walked in here when I was so thirsty, and you shouldn't last for long. Adios."
Taemin turned back, his black cloak sweeping the granite floor, but he thought about how lonely he would be; alone in this dark mansion;
with a interesting second thought, the spun around and said,
"What's your name? Maybe we can accompany one another until my friend comes home. I'm Taemin."
His prey looked up. "I'm Jonghyun. My friend is outside, he warned me not to come in, but I did."
One of Taemin's prefect eyebrows went up in interest. "Maybe I can track him down, if he's near this castle."
"You call this a castle?" Jonghyun mocked in boredom.
"No, but my friend does." Taemin said, his eyes closing, focusing on another thing. "K- Key.. Is that his name? He's walking around the entrance right now. Let's go."
Jonghyun nodded.

Damn, where is Jonghyun?
Key was a scaredy cat aside from a naggy person, he couldn't take horror movies nor sudden sounds.
He had two of his hands curled into balls, placed near his chest, biting his lower lip in fear; his eyebrows scrunched up in disgust of the green mold and cow-webs that stuck to the ceilings.
Oh, Key was a cleanliness freak too.
He exhaled. The temperature in here was too cold; he could see the puff of carbon dioxide he let out just now, hanging in the moist air.
He fished out a charm which looked like a over-sized pendant with hearts and words scribbled on the paper inside.
"Jinki yah... Please keep me safe.."
He could still vividly remember where he got this old thing from, his childhood best friend Lee Jinki.
People called him dubu, as he was easy to bully and accident-prone.
They were best friends, one day they decided to make a safety charm for each other to protect themselves from harm.
"Keep it safe, Kibum. One day if we see each other again, I would want to see that!"
Jinki couldn't. He moved away to America when he turned 7, and he lost contact with Key.
Key sighed at his internal secret and scar, and he heard footsteps approaching him.
Kibum's eyes literally glittered with shock.
"J-Jonghyun?!" Key swiveled his body around, to find himself embraced in the arms of his current best friend.
There was another boy looking at them, his eyes dull and sulky.
"Who's this, Jjong?" Key asked, curiously.
"Oh, this? He's Taemin. He's the one who located you. The owner of this castle, too." He smirked at the word castle and Taemin gave him a obnoxious stare that got Jonghyun to shut up.
Taemin flashed a really sweet smile and asked them whether they wanted dinner as his friend would be back soon.
The human duo agreed without hesitation; were led to a dining room by Taemin, and had a delicious meal of seafood.

He was Jinki. He couldn't remember; becoming a magician had its requirements; erasing past memories was one of them.
He opened up his palm, revealing a similar pendant to Key's. He never remembered how he obtained it; where it came from.
But it was one of his most valuable possessions from the first day he was a magician's training apprentice.
He knew he was Jinki, and the boy he was observing just now called his name.
A wave of memories hit him like a shock wave, sending his brain a million jolts and his heart a million stabs.
He could remember, the days where he spent happily with him, Kibum protected him from other kids who tried to bully him.
He loved Kibum very much, but he couldn't remember. Now he could.
But now as he looked into the crystal ball, his eyelid strained to open, his pupils seared with jealousy; like he always had for girls who loved to talk to and touch his Kibum; how the blond guy was hugging his Kibum so affectionately.
Unknowingly his fists curled up into a ball; his knuckles turning white from the force the Headmaster was using.
Staring at his crystal ball with a deadly glare, he put down his mind determinedly that he would find Kibum.
But would he remember Onew..? The question rang in his head for the whole day, and he left at once.
Leaving all his duties to another professor of the school, Professor Cheondoong, or Thunder as he preferred.
He was a experienced professor for Defense of the Dark Arts, and even Onew himself had to admit his skills.
Trusting the skilled professor, he left for the vampires' mansion.
He worried about whether Taemin would harm the duo, whether Key would remember him, how other vampire would react.
All would be answered when he reaches, he thinks on his ebony black broomstick, one in a century.

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I'm going to change my version of Severus' attitude .
Jonghyun and Key would  be the sexiest magic students alive .
2Min would , be the scariest and hottest vampires alive (are they?).
Will update as soon as I can :D .
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